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Welcome To Ingram Capital

Welcome To Ingram Capital

What We Do?

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Our underwriting process helps minimize investor risk in today’s market

Conservative Underwriting
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Why Us?

Investing with Ingram Capital offers unparalleled expertise in real estate investment. With over a decade of experience navigating the dynamic landscape of real estate markets, we bring a depth of knowledge that sets us apart. Our track record speaks volumes, reflecting a consistent dedication to delivering results. At Ingram Capital, we prioritize conservative underwriting practices, ensuring that every investment opportunity is rigorously assessed for its potential and risks. This approach not only safeguards your capital but also maximizes returns over the long term.

frequently asked questions

What does Ingram Capital do?

Ingram Capital is a real estate syndication company focusing on multifamily real estate investments. We provide our investors with passive real estate investment opportunities to earn strong cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages on their hard-earned capital.

How do I know if I am an accredited investor?

To find out if you are an accredited investor, click here.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Our minimum investment is 100K.

Are you accepting 1031 exchanges?

Please reach out to our team for more information. Pending availability, we may accept 1031 investments.

Can I invest with my self-direct IRA or other retirement accounts?

Yes! We accept investments in cash, a self-directed IRA, solo 401k, and eQRP.

How do distributions work?

Distributions will be paid out on a monthly basis. The distribution schedule will be outlined within the investment offering. We begin our monthly distributions after the property is stabilized.

How can I keep track of my investment?

Each investor will have their own portal. You can review your investment details and relevant documents at any time. Our team is here to help access and navigate you through the portal.

How do I get tax advantages?

As an investor with Ingram Capital, you will receive a K-1 for each investment that will show your gain or loss. Documents will be available on our secure investor portal.


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